Michael Silver (Bio)

Michael has a widely varied background which includes math, music, art, computer science, technology, telecommunications, molecular biology, motorsports, teaching, language, scuba diving, emergency medicine, and the culinary arts (Michael is a certified ServSafe Instructor and has training in the culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America and in professional baking and pastry from the Seattle Culinary Academy).

Michael has a long history of doing volunteer work, starting at a young age raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. His volunteer work also includes teaching for the American Red Cross, doing emergency medical work at the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, volunteering for the SPCA, and doing molecular biology research at Stanford University. He has also done volunteer work as an EMT and DMT. He is a Divemaster who specializes in both dive-related medicine and underwater photography. Using his background in molecular biology, Michael served for two years as the chair of the Research Advisory Committee of CFRI (Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.) and participated as a member of this committee of doctors and scientists for some time before that. Most recently, Michael served for two years on the board of directors of the Motorsport Safety Foundation, and as part of that role, he taught high-performance driving instructors across the US how to teach others the art of driving on a race track. He has also coached and instructed hundreds of individuals in high-performance driving.

He has a passion for teaching and has taught and studied pedagogy throughout his life, starting when he taught mathematics at his local college while he was still in High School. He created one of the very first distance-learning platforms and consulted for Stanford University on distance learning in its early days.

Michael began playing the piano at the age of four and has been deeply involved with music ever since. He has sung and played a number of instruments professionally, wrote and directed music for three years for Shakespeare Santa Cruz, performed in the West Coast premiere of Nixon in China under the direction of composer John Adams, and won several piano competitions.

Michael studied music at UC Santa Cruz (with a minor in art) and later graduated as valedictorian from St. Mary’s College of Moraga with a degree in business. He has worked as a composer, arranger, musician, musical director, and teacher. He has also been a DJ for a large classical music station (KBOQ), worked for PG&E as a state-licensed home inspector, auditor, and energy conservation specialist, and has taught in many fields. Michael holds an active C-10 electrical license.

Michael owns and runs Audio High, Inc., one of the oldest and most successful home automation companies in the US. He also owns and runs MomoSims, a high-end racing and flight simulator manufacturer. Before founding Audio High, Michael was involved with a number of technology companies in the Bay Area. For seven years, Michael was a development manager at Apple Computer. During his tenure at Apple, he wrote a programming book that was published by Apple; wrote the telecommunications code that sent the first e-mail from space and supported the astronauts during that mission; and re-architected America Online (AOL) to support other languages, cultures, and writing systems. In addition, he co-designed the telecommunications language used by American Online, Apple, General Electric, CompuServe, and others; and he designed the Unicode compression algorithm used by Apple and AOL. Michael also designed the user interfaces for several Apple products, wrote a suite of online content-publishing tools, and was the technical editor for numerous publications.

Michael also serves on the board of directors for Persp3ctive, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company that builds technology platforms for augmented and virtual reality applications. In its first year, Persp3ctive was a finalist for the SXSW Music Innovation awards.

Michael has co-founded three other technology corporations and founded eight other successful businesses. He has co-authored a number of patents.

For his work with NASA on several projects, Michael was made an honorary Air Force Captain.

Michael has worked with and consulted for many well-known and influential people in a number of industries, including founders and executives and Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, HP, Android, and many other technology companies, Hollywood elite (including directors Francis Ford Coppola and Frank Darabont, plus a number of well-known actors), Musicians (including Keith Richards, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Benny Golson, Ron Carter, Buster Williams, and Kenny Barron), and many others. His company has built or helped build studios and theaters for LucasFilm, YouTube, Zoetrope, Herbie Hancock, Wylie Co., and Eddy Cue (SVP of Apple responsible for AppleTV and iTunes). He also consulted for the Seattle Mariners and for Levi's Stadium in San Jose.

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