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About Velodyne

Velodyne Acoustics has been one of the top subwoofer manufacturers in the world since their founding in 1983.

I personally use a Velodyne sub in my own theater, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Aside from making great products, Velodyne is company with a heart and with soul, and they have never hesitated to help us out with an important cause. When I asked their VP of Sales, Geoffrey Marks, if he would like to contribute to the Beethoven benefit concerts, I didn't even have time to finish my sentence before he said he would be happy to help. 

Velodyne is also a local company, based in Morgan Hill. They make subwoofers of all kinds and in all price ranges, and have special subs that hide in the wall, in the floor, in the ceiling but still provide outstanding performance.

To learn more about their company, please visit their web site at www.velodyne.com.