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About Meridian

Meridian is based near Cambridge, UK, and was founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd. With over 30 years’ history of innovation and development of uncompromised consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, this award-winning company is widely recognized as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. 

Meridian developed the first audiophile CD player, the world’s first consumer digital surround controller, and developed the MLP lossless packing system included in Blu-ray Disc. The company’s optical disc players, DSP-based loudspeakers, video projectors, and scalers are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver both a sweet, natural sound and smooth, crystal-sharp images with true cinematic realism. 

With the acquisition of Sooloos, Meridian now brings its expertise to the Sooloos Media System, the world’s most innovative, functional and easy-to-use networked home entertainment system. Meridian Sooloos systems effortlessly combine spectacular quality, rich metadata and the industry’s leading user interface to change forever the way we enjoy and interact with music.

Meridian Audio designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art audio and video home entertainment systems. 

Audio equipment of such high quality that if a microphone can detect it, the system can reproduce it. Video components so advanced they offer a uniquely realistic cinema experience.

With groundbreaking developments in high performance audio and visual technology, Meridian pursues its desire to lose as little as possible from the original source. The result: richer, more detailed reproduction where information is processed beyond the range of the human ear and to the limits of the human eye.

Discover Meridian and discover the true meaning of high performance.


Meridian's product line is extensive and impressive. From compact systems to DSP loudspeakers to surround processors to the incredible Sooloossystem to their 810 Reference projector (winner of Robb Report's Best of the Best), Meridian's product line comprises every component you need to create a complete two-channel system, theater, or whole-house audio system. They have won awards for best product in every category.

Compact Systems: Ferrarri F-80, Alfred Dunhill AD-88
CD Players: 808.3 Reference, G06.2, G08.2
DVD Players: 800 DVD A/V Computer, G92 Integrated DVD System, G96 DVD Transport
Surround Processors: 861v6 Reference, G61R, G68, HD621 HDMI Audio Processor
Projectors: 810 Reference Video System, MF10 Digital Projector
Loudspeakers: DSP8000, DSP7200, DSP5200, DSP3100, SW5500, SW1600, DSP420, and more
Tuners: G68 Surround Controller, G92 Integrated DVD System


The number of unique technologies that have been developed by Meridian over the course of the company’s history is impressive in itself. 

That these technologies have set standards for the rest of the industry goes even further to prove a reputation for innovation and the pursuit of perfection.

  • DSP Loudspeakers

With powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) crossovers and built-in power amps and converters, Meridian DSP Loudspeakers deliver as much quality sound as a conventional speaker four times the size.

  • Meridian Room Correction

Meridian’s acclaimed proprietary DSP room correction system that smoothes out room resonances for clearer sound and better imaging.

  • SpeakerLink

Meridian’s latest DSP Loudspeakers can be connected with a simple Cat 5 cable instead of expensive, ugly conventional cables. SpeakerLink delivers pristine digital sound and control down a single cable.

  • Meridium

A proprietary pressure-laminated speaker cabinet construction material unique to Meridian that features the highest-grade plywood layers bonded to an aluminium core.

  • Tribple FIFO Buffering

A special multiple buffering system that cleans up digital signals, removing jitter and ensuring perfect timing, for improved clarity and accuracy.

  • Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP)

A patented lossless digital compression system allowing more music to be stored or transferred in the same space, while retaining bit-perfect reproduction. The technology is now included in the Blu-ray Disc specification.

  • Meridian High Resolution

A proprietary encrypted digital data link between Meridian components allowing high-definition audio signals to be transferred with improved quality and complete security. Now available in an enhanced form as MMHR –Meridian Multichannel High Resolution.

  • Smart Source

Meridian components identify the source of a digital signal and automatically select the optimum mode to replay it.

  • Meridian Apodising Filter

A unique proprietary digital filter delivering purer, sweeter sound and even cleaning up recording faults caused by inferior processing.

There is much too much to say about Meridian Audio. Go to www.meridian-audio.com to learn more.