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About Esoteric

As an early innovator in magnetic tape recording and data storage, the TEAC 
Corporation was founded in Japan in 1953. As a 23-year-old subsidiary of the TEAC Corporation, ESOTERIC’s design, engineering and manufacturing improves upon the "state of the art," providing our customers with a higher level of system excellence!

ESOTERIC® manufactures ultra high end components for high-fidelity audio and video playback. Products include universal disc & SACD/CD players, master clock SYNC generators, preamps & power amps, transports & DACs, magnesium series speakers and integrated systems compliant with PC media streaming.

ESOTERIC’s implementation utilizes very high quality materials combined with unique proprietary designs, resulting in exceptionally high levels of signal accuracy. All Esoteric products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan and in the UK.

More About Esoteric

Technological Fusion: Simply stated: the result of fusing the best in design, technology, engineering, materials and manufacturing. As an early innovator in magnetic tape recording and data storage, the TEAC Corporation was founded in Japan in 1953. As a 23 year old member of the TEAC group, ESOTERIC Company's design, engineering and manufacturing improves upon the "state of the art," providing our customers with a higher level of audio and video excellence!

ESOTERIC CD/SACD/DVD audio/DVD video players include 14 bit video processing and the use of extended output stage video buffers (UX-3Pi, UX-1PI and P-03UNI). Our exclusive HDMI "Expanded," mode enhances black level detail and our video output stage provides high definition ("HD"), video resolution up to 1080p, up-converted in the digital domain from existing DVD's, without having to buy new software. (Blu-ray players do not provide these proprietary enhancements to provide 1080p from conventional DVDs).  Current title count on DVD is over 95,000. The 1080p/HDMI video output stage on the P-03UNI, UX-3Pi and UX-1Pi has been classified as "Reference standard." See models DV-60, P-03 UNI, UX3Pi and UX-1Pi (Video resolution to 480p/720p/1080i/1080p). For more information on Esoteric and our position on Blu-ray disc players please see our technology section selectable from the top of this page. 

ESOTERIC CD/SACD audio players
 support high resolution audio discs, multi-channel playback for SACD and DVD-A, and provide PCM up-conversion capability for CD audio. Proprietary algorithms are used for CD playback offering a wide range of options including 24 bit, 32 times over-sampling. The new D-05 DAC, D-07 DAC, RZ-1 music system and SA-50 combination player /DAC/Preamp include 32 bit processing capability. The SA-10, X-05, RZ-1, SA-50 and X-01D2 provide exceptional audio performance in PCM and/or in DSD playback mode. The X-01D2, DV-60, SA-60, D-03 and D-05 DACs, allow signal conversion of PCM digital audio into the SACD direct stream digital ("DSD"), format, at 1 bit, 64 times over-sampling.  The X-01D2, our "top of the line," integrated audio disc player includes a dual quad differential DAC configuration for CD playback (in addition to its separate and distinct DSD decoder and an additional decoder for multi-channel analog audio signals). All Esoteric players include proprietary disc transport and optical systems (VOSP or VRDS) providing highly accurate data retrieval. No off axis error correction is required because no off axis data retrieval is allowed. 

All ESOTERIC products are conceived, designed, and engineered in Japan. Manufacturing takes place in Japan for all electronics and in the U.K. for speakers.

For more information, please see the Esoteric information page at audiohigh.com or visit esoteric.teac.com.